Comment From Final Concert Hosts

The comment below was posted by a member of the Libertas Choir, following our final concert in Dubrovnik. The concert was a terrific conclusion to the Tour! After the concert, we were treated to a reception in a monastery in Old Town Dubrovnik, just around the corner from the concert.It was magical, to say the least. The photo below is of pre-concert set up. Clips from the concert will be added when edited.IMG_2413

“Kulshan Chorus from at Bellingham, now held a concert July 7. th at skalinima outside the church of st. Blaise
The program was diverse, interesting, and the entire performance full of emotion. Many audience, in which were the people of dubrovnik and their guests, she kindly rewarded with applause and guests.
Kulshan Choir singers who are already two weeks on tour of Slovenia and Croatia, expressed his delight reception and concluded that there was no better way to complete the tour than at this place in dubrovnik.
Libertas Choir, concert, once again showed their big heart and a good host, as well as readiness for hanging out with a song.
On this occasion we thank everyone who helped in the realization of the concert, especially within the dubrovnik tourist board, city of Dubrovnik, Fifi sound, Francesca Vlasic and Dominican Convent in dubrovnik.”

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