Day 3: Desinic & Predgrada

  1. imageEverywhere we go, we are so honored with the preparation of meals, attention to both wonderful flavors and presentation. This day included several stops, beginning first the Veliki Tabor Castle, then the Bezanec Castle and a concert in Predgrada, followed with dinner at the Hunting Lodge.

The Veliki Tabor Castle is under renovation and we sang on two levels of the gallery. Toward the end of the singing, it began to pour.

Dinner at the Hunters’ Lodge was a great event that began with a welcome drink of a local spirit. It is the local custom to greet visitors with a small shot glass of a local spirit. At the end of dinner, Dustin gave a moving speech and then dedicated his pitch pipe to the woman who was the leader/director of the choir that sang for us. Dustin was moved by her dedication and explained that his pitch pipe had been handed over to him by his mentor 10 years ago and it was his turn to hand it over to a young musician. It was an emotional experience to witness.

Here are just two pictures of what the groupies do during rehearsal:

Find the best coffee and/or do Yoga!



1 thought on “Day 3: Desinic & Predgrada

  1. Hazel Rutherford

    It makes me so happy to know you are all having such a grand time…Our Norwegian chorus sang in Norway a few years ago so I know what you mean about hospitality… I only hope we treat these people as graciously as they treat us….continue having a great time….



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