The First Departure

It’s the day before our tour officially begins. Three of us left Bellingham, Washington at 10 am on Thursday, June 23. We had plenty of time to arrive 3 hours before departure, check-in with bags to check, passports in hand. The Canadian airport employees are so helpful! They greeted us and asked where we were headed and directed us to the kiosk, where another employee came to make sure we weren’t having any difficulty. The three of us split up to two different kiosks. When Alicia and I found Linda, we were told that our departing flight was delayed and we’d miss connections to Munich if we didn’t get on the next outbound flight. We had 15 minutes to get new boarding passes and new luggage tags! We ended up checking 3 bags – the mic stands, the first aid kits and other accessories I’ve learned a group this large needs, and my own back pack. Thankful to have checked my bag so I don’t have quite so much to run with through the next two airports should our timing be close again. Phew! We made it onto the flight. And so it begins. I learned a long time ago that once you step out of your home, the adventure begins and it’s best to go with the flow!

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