It’s Official! Tour Croatia 2016 Has Begun!

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”  African proverb

As I write this tonight, I can hear sounds of cheering in the hotel as well as on the street (cheering or shouting) – EuroSoccer 2016 is big here. The Croatian team is playing.

It was the first full day in Zagreb for most of us. The day was free for our own pursuits until dinner at 7:30, other than a small group rehearsal and a team meeting. Three of the last 5 singers arrived after dinner tonight at 9pm. Two more to join us in Samobar. In the middle of dinner, 3 other singers arrived after having to spend 24 hours in the Paris airport due to a strike. Oh the survival stories… Still missing: one keyboard. Purportedly found in the Toronto luggage system and promised to be at the church where the concert is by 5pm tomorrow (Sunday)

Below is photo from official welcoming dinner and toast at the Mareda Grill. Second photo is of hotel where we began our trip.




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