Countdown to Departure…Continues

“The gladdest moment in life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” Sir Richard Burton.

We had our final rehearsal Thursday night at Boundary Bay in the Mountain Room. A few members were missing as they have already left for Croatia! Two singers were sitting outside BBay  having a quick tutorial on using new cameras.


Some of the behind the scenes activities leading up to departure have included designing, ordering and distributing T-shirts for the tour; making sure all the music is distributed; checking flight schedules; checking passports, arranging rooms. The musicians are packing up instruments, sound boards, microphones and stands. Some singers will be carrying the instruments overseas for the musicians, distributing the load, so to speak.
The sunlight was streaming into the Mountain Room, getting into the eyes of the singers, so our wonderful musician/singer Paul Klein goes the extra mile – here he is hanging a blanket up over the window!
Here are a few more images from that rehearsal


In future posts, we’ll describe the cities, the concerts, the food, the sights and sounds. Look for our itinerary to be posted soon.

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